As we all know, garbage collection and disposal is a big problem in this city. A few good women and men together came up with a segregation and disposal plan and compelled the government toΒ  adopt the same. After much begging and pleading and chasing and follow-ups with the government, it became a law. So […]

It is with great amusement that I discovered that the national language of Indiranagar is Tamil πŸ™‚ Ok, i do not intend to start a riot here, neither do I want a certain ‘topi and dark-glasses’ donned politician to raise a hue and cry over the importance of Kannada. I am simply making this observation. […]

I have been lucky to have found house help immediately on setting up home, its all thanks to the property manager who has linked us with the security chappie of the building next door. His wife has been coming by. A young, cheerful and good worker she turned out to be. With the same cheer […]

We moved to Indiranagar a couple of weeks ago, into a house and not an apartment. I grew up in a nice ‘propah’ house but have lived in apartments since and loved the community living. So this major change came about as we were looking for a living space in Indiranagar. Even though I lived […]

Our holidays are mostly family holidays. So, there’s me, the better half and two kids. At times we are accompanied by other family members, an uncle here or an aunt there or in-laws or my mum or sister; you get the idea. don’t you πŸ™‚ My husband and I love to drive. But essentially, we […]

Several years ago, while still in college, I was introduced by a dear friend to books of fiction themed around the second world war. I devoured them one by one and the more I read, I wanted to read some more – I was trying to understand and imagine those terrifying and cruel times and […]

Several years ago, when water sports was unheard of in India, travellers heading to the far-east (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) would look forward to indulging in some water-related activity (water scooters, para-sailing, para-gliding, etc). Water sports was unique, different and adventurous. But not anymore. Nowadays water-sports of the kind I have mentioned here are passe’. Water […]