So I have started to compost my wet waste and I am feeling good about it. Several years ago, I bought me a three-tier mud-pot composter. All was going well until the rainy season and then I just could not deal with the maggots visiting my home. It was placed in the balcony of my […]

I grew up in a small town. And my kids are growing up in a big city. While I am no farmer, I am aware of god’s little creatures and learnt lessons that today are the life skills that the young generation is lacking. It is not totally their fault especially when growing up in […]

One of the interesting aspects of living in an independent house in Bangalore is having the push-cart sellers and their wares at your doorstep allowing you to ‘shop’ without having to plan a day out. So you can get fresh veggies and greens and fruits, you can buy potted plants, you can get your clothes […]

Discovered this little gem of a place when on our quest to find a small eatery to order food whilst unpacking and setting up home in Indiranagar. Thanks to its ‘cannot be located easily’ positioning off the glittery 100ft road this unassuming place can only be chanced upon…..was a serendipity of sorts for us….. The […]

As we all know, garbage collection and disposal is a big problem in this city. A few good women and men together came up with a segregation and disposal plan and compelled the government to  adopt the same. After much begging and pleading and chasing and follow-ups with the government, it became a law. So […]

It is with great amusement that I discovered that the national language of Indiranagar is Tamil 🙂 Ok, i do not intend to start a riot here, neither do I want a certain ‘topi and dark-glasses’ donned politician to raise a hue and cry over the importance of Kannada. I am simply making this observation. […]

I have been lucky to have found house help immediately on setting up home, its all thanks to the property manager who has linked us with the security chappie of the building next door. His wife has been coming by. A young, cheerful and good worker she turned out to be. With the same cheer […]