I found myself at North Station one fine summer morning on my trip to Boston and decided to walk the Freedom Trail. I think it is a smart way to see some of the important and significant sites that shaped the American History. The trail covers an era starting from the 1600s till the Declaration […]

A 30-minute train ride from Gdansk train station took me to Malbork. I was all excited to see the greatest Gothic brick castle! I had already bought my entry ticket and I was among the first few tourists to enter the castle as soon as it opened its doors at 9am. So early you might […]

Located at the ‘West End’ of the Bangalore Cantonment, in the year 1887, Mrs. Bronson’s 10-room boarding house was the goto place for the Upper Class Officers of the British Residency for a taste of home. If the rooms were all taken, one could find solace in the fine dining experience that the place dished […]

On my first solo trip ever, I chose to visit Poland. While planning a trip, I follow a process. So there I was trying to work out what and where to visit, see and do. Besides Auschwitz and Birkenau, two things caught my eye – the Elblag Canal and the Malbork Castle. Due to logistical […]

The drive from Vamos in Crete to Iraklion, the capital city of Crete on a highway that skirts along the sea was therapeutic, even though I do not carry the same opinion about driving in Greece in general 🙂 We don’t see those kind of highways here in India and even though we know that there […]

When we were growing up, mum was the parent that took charge of our upbringing and there were a few things she dreamed for me and my sibling – that we learn to ride the cycle, to drive and to swim because she did not get a chance to learn any of these (Eventually she […]

Two freelancing engineers. One developed software and the other needed some tweaks and add-ons. Thats how this Indian and that German got to know each other. The Indian invited the German to India. The German came once and then came every year. He and we became friends. Our kids grew fond of him. He was […]