I am a President’s Guide and I cannot tell you how much I loved being a Girl Guide. It is one of my fondest memories from school days and even now i cheer up when talking about it. But time has erased many of the memories. No one really owned a camera those days and […]

Devanahalli Fort is located just off India’s longest Highway NH 44 on the section between Bangalore and Hyderabad. When driving from Bangalore, it is about 10km from the exit to Kempe Gowda International Airport. Despite living in Bangalore for several years and wanting to make a trip to the fort, despite driving on the highway […]

My older child is ready to leave for University. With this in mind, since last April, we have tried to use all the time at hand to spend together. Given the better half’s work schedule and the kids’ varied school schedules, it was no mean feat! We fixed my younger child’s surgery for after a […]

VISA: As of on the day of writing this blog, Indian Passport Holders do not require to apply for visa prior to travel to Indonesia. Visa formalities are only a stamp away. Photographs, visa fees, none of these are required. At the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, all one needs to do is head […]

So I have started to compost my wet waste and I am feeling good about it. Several years ago, I bought me a three-tier mud-pot composter. All was going well until the rainy season and then I just could not deal with the maggots visiting my home. It was placed in the balcony of my […]

I grew up in a small town. And my kids are growing up in a big city. While I am no farmer, I am aware of god’s little creatures and learnt lessons that today are the life skills that the young generation is lacking. It is not totally their fault especially when growing up in […]

One of the interesting aspects of living in an independent house in Bangalore is having the push-cart sellers and their wares at your doorstep allowing you to ‘shop’ without having to plan a day out. So you can get fresh veggies and greens and fruits, you can buy potted plants, you can get your clothes […]