A long time before FM radio and the advent of television, All India Radio (AIR) stations and their programmes were a great source of news and entertainment. My working mom used the radio as an alarm clock; as soon as she woke up she would turn on the radio – my sister and I would […]

While planning for a recent trip to the United States, I was reading through travel forums for budget accommodation tips and that is when I found out that, in New York City, there is a tussle going on between AirBnb and the city’s governing body about how and what type of accommodations are allowed to […]

I generate a good amount of green waste since I cook all meals from scratch and we are a family of four that eat well. This means we have a lot of green waste which cannot wait for the waste collector who comes as and when he pleases! Yes, there is no fixed day or […]

I went on this trip, as my teenage son’s sidekick. His primary interest was in an advanced level diving certification course. A good chunk of the day was spent waiting for the son to return from his underwater rendezvous. The early sunrise and sunset, the unknown low tide-high tide schedule and limited transport options literally […]

For a short time, for reasons I do not recollect, I had to spend a few hours after school at my cousin’s. My working parents would pick me up after they were done with office. You know how large Indian families used to be (and sometimes still are!!). My dad had several siblings and so […]

They will force-hold the train door just so a couple on holiday who got off one station too early can re-enter the train. (I know its not the right thing to do….even so…..). They share your enthusiasm and excitedly wait with you to meet your daughter’s new roommate. (And the joy on the face when the […]

I was floored by the cuteness of the really small Dimapur airport which is the closest airport to Kohima and Kohima is where one mostly bases oneself as a visitor to the Hornbill Festival that takes place annually. The 60 km road journey to Kohima can take anywhere between 3-5 hours, not because of the […]